Monday, December 1, 2008

VmwAROS presented at Linuxmeeting

Yesterday Lorenzo Di Gaetano presented AROS at Linuxmeeting, Italy, and used VmwAROS running on a laptop to amaze people. Here's what he said about the presentation: "It was a little success! The average age of people was under 20, but there were some older people who used amiga. Both those who used amiga in the past and who didn't know what Amiga is were very interested. During the presentation I did a little introduction on the history of Amiga and then I showed them VmwAROS running on qemu. Even if it was running slow on qemu they were amazed by aros speed! In the afternoon I was able to show AROS running native on my Acer laptop at its full speed (thanks to people here who helped me on some issues regarding the installation). People reunited in front of the screen and cannot believe how fast the system booted up (about 6 seconds) and how fast applications loaded".

You can read the comments on this aros-exec discussion.