Monday, December 1, 2008

VmwAROS feature freeze, call for betatester

I don't think I can do more. Both AROS system files and applications have reached a good amount of features and a good degree of realiability, so it's time for a new release of VmwAROS. This time, however, I want to reach a major milestone and I'd love that everything would be fine for ursers. I can't do all the testing alone, though, and maybe I still need help and suggestions before the release. For these reasons, I opened a 'group' on Google to discuss about the next release of VmwAROS. I need some beta testers that will help me testing current features and fixing problems. Those people will gain access to the group and to a work-in-progress version of VmwAROS. Anyone interested can send me an email to paolo(at) I will evaluate any proposal and the accepted ones will get an invitation to join the beta testing group.

PS: sorry, I don't know exactly whom to thank for the 'megaphone' image. I hope I haven't made any misuse of it...