Saturday, November 22, 2008

VmwAROS ken's-iconfication complete!

It took some time, but thanks to the efforts of Ken Lester, who allowed me to use his wonderful incons and even created the lacking ones, VmwAROS has now a completely different graphic style, with dual-state icons and, well, a bit more Amiga look. Just click on the screenshot above to enlarge it to its actual size.

If you pay attention, and you're already a VmwAROS user, you'll notice that some applications have changed place in the filesystem and new drawers had been created in the work:extras directory. This will allow me to place future apps and releases in a more friendly order, and the finally choose a standard position to let users update VmwAROS in an easier way. In other words, after the next release, I'd like to create "bonus packs" or "update packs" that would be installed using VmwUpdate. It's a necessary step, since people don't want to download a whole DVD ISO every time, and using VmwUpdate with regular AROS nightlies, even if it is still allowed, would replace Ken's icons with Gorilla ones. This will require a stable directory structure and a few minor changes to VmwUpdate. There are also some other ideas I have for the next release, but for now I will keep my mouth shut, since I'm still figuring how I could bring 'em to life and I'm not sure to succeed in. Anyway, don't expect the next release of VmwAROS so soon...