Sunday, November 16, 2008

New VmwUpdate 1.3.2 for VmwAROS beta 0.9.x

A new version of the update tool for VmwAROS is available. It allow easy updating of AROS system files starting from a new nightly build. This new version got necessary since some procedures of AROS have changed in the meanwhile. In short:

- VmwAROS doesn't crash anymore at startup after updating to a recent nightly (hidds.prefs file bug has been resolved)
- Drawer icons are handled correctly
- Development files are handled correctly
- the new environment variable $DEVELPATH has been added to the script

> Download from The Aros Archives (8 K)


just place the archive wherever you like and extract its contents to the right directory:

lha x vmwupdate132.lha extras:Applications/Update_VmwAROS

replace all existing files. Launch the new script to update AROS components: you'll need a newer nightly build in your drive.