Saturday, October 11, 2008

VmwAROS beta 0.9.1 released!

It has not been easy and it took more time than it was planned. When everything seemed ok, issues arised so hard and finally, when it was time to transfer VmwAROS files and burn 'em into a glazing ISO image... we got stuck again. And then, when the 0.9 release was finished, I got report that the Icon menu in Wanderer didn't work! But, luckily, the wait is over: a new incredible release of VmwAROS is here and, due to the amount of software included, it has turned from a CD to a DVD release! Yes, you'll need a DVD drive to enjoy it.

New since VmwAROS 0.9:

- Emergency mode respawn in Live-DVD
- New customized muimaster.library which fixes Icon menu issue
- Updated PDF documentation

New since VmwAROS 0.9 sneak preview:

- Switched from CD-ROM to DVD-ROM
- Graphic boot menu for the Live CD (only)
- Eternal Lands MMORPG game
- Other new games and applications
- Some fixes here and there

New since VmwAROS beta 0.8:

- Grub 2
- System files on a SFS partition
- Customized AmigaOS4-like desktop theme
- Working snapshot option and other Wanderer improvements
- New BHFormat utility
- Improved SimpleMail Lite
- Improved Murks! IDE version 0.6.1
- gcc 4
- newer VICE emulator (8 bit Commodore computers)
- Protovision's "It's magic" freeware game for C64 included
- New drivers for network cards