Saturday, October 11, 2008

Murphy's law and the Icon menu

This release of VmwAROS has born under a bad moon... Krzysztof Smiechowicz has found an annoying bug in the release preventing the Icon menu to work properly. For this reason I decided to block further downloads of the distribution and, please, if you have already downloaded it do not place it on torrents or any other P2P network, since you would be spreading a bugged version.

There is a way to fix the problem and it's really simple. Just download a nightly build from (october 10 is good) and do these steps:

1. launch VmwAROS 0.9
2. download and burn the nightly ISO, or mount it as virtual device if you can
3. when the AROS Live CD appears on the desktop, launch VmwUpdate (start > my software > system > VmwUpdate)
4. follow on-screen instructions and agree to update everything
5. when finished, remove the ISO or the CD
6. reboot: you're ok.

I apologize for the issue. A fixed version of VmwAROS 0.9 will be available as soon as possible with the new number 0.9.1.