Monday, August 18, 2008

gcc 4 now working on VmwAROS

There are 5 days left to vote for the compiler to adopt in the next version of VmwAROS, however the indications I got so far (both in the quick poll and on AROS-EXEC) seem to be really clear. So I tried to install gcc 4.2.2 on VmwAROS over the 3.3.1 version used before, but Murks! IDE started to complain about mysterious installation problems which shoud not have occurred at all. The problem was only the way I extracted files from the compressed tarball uploaded on the Archives: since AROS bzip2 had problems to handle it, I extracted it with WinRAR and then recompressed in zip format with 7-zip on Windows. Execution flags for some programs got lost somewhere during these steps. Re-setting those flags with the protect command fixed the issue and, as the screenshot confirms, now we have GCC 4.2.2 working. If there won't be any complain, I will leave this instead of version 3.3.1.

In the meanwhile, let me publicly ask this to all AROS application developers: please STOP compressing your software with bzip2, use either zip or lha instead, even if their compression ratios are inferior. A larger file that need some seconds more to be downloaded is far better than a smaller file which need to be decompressed, compressed again in another format and then fixed again. Or please somebody fix this bzip2 archiver under AROS...