Saturday, August 16, 2008

The compiler dilemma

Yesterday I found in the AROS Archives a newer version of GNU gcc compiler for AROS, which I'm said is compatible, with minor issues, with Murks! IDE 0.6.0. Unluckily, it seems there's no way to have both running at the same time in the distribution, so I have to choose among one of them. The problem, as I've already pointed too many times, is that I'm not a developer at all, so I'd prefer if the coding people would choose instead of me. To select an option, there are two ways: a quick poll in the right side menu of this webpage (fast but maybe not exhaustive), and a discussion I've placed on AROS-EXEC. The poll will be over in a week, 'cos I'm trying to freeze the features of the next VmwAROS beta before my job takes my life over again.