Saturday, April 26, 2008

VmwAROS LIVE! is a brand new, complete distribution of the AROS desktop operating system. Based on the same technologies, VmwAROS LIVE! includes the classic VmwAROS virtual machine environment, but on a bootable live CD-ROM which runs directly on your hardware (it must be already supported by AROS). VmwAROS LIVE! can be installed on the hard drive and can coexist with Microsoft Windows XP, in a dedicated partition. A quick reference guide and some AROS PDF manuals are included.

This beta is obsolete. A new version of VmwAROS LIVE! is available at

After downloading, please consider donating. Every release of VmwAROS requires a lot of time and work, for a hobbyst project. Donations will be spent to enhance VmwAROS and to contribute to AROS bounties.