Saturday, April 26, 2008

New VmwAROS LIVE! 0.7.1 released

A new version of VmwAROS LIVE! has been released, trying to fix the boot problems that afflict beta 0.7 on some hardware configurations. Please notice that this is not a mandatory update, but only a little mantainance one. Current users of VmwAROS LIVE! 0.7, who installed it on their hard drive, do not need to update their system to the latest version: beta 0.7.1 offers exactly the same features and system files of 7.0, but with a newer kernel which includes a updated ata.device.

If you're planning to place a link to VmwAROS LIVE! 0.7.1, please don't link the files directly, but use this url instead: Download links may change for technical reasons and more mirrors will be added in the next days, so this will help everyone managing bandwidth. Thank you.