Monday, April 7, 2008

VmwAROS beta 0.7 and LIVE! 0.7 released

Yes, we finally did it again! A new, brilliant beta of VmwAROS is ready to be downloaded and, for the first time, installed directly on your PC. We transformed our VMware environment into a real distribution of the AROS Research Operating System, making it more pleasant than its nightly builds. This required some important rework but the result worths our big efforts. Anyway, here is a short (and maybe incomplete) changelog from version 0.6:
  • System files updated to march 29th, 2008
  • Preliminary web surfing with Rob's Webkit Preview
  • Email support with SimpleMail
  • CD-authoring and ISO creation with FryingPan
  • Easy spot your files with Finder
  • All contributed files moved from Work: root to Extras:
  • New VmwUpdate for easy system updating
  • New ConfigIP with DHCP support for network configuration
  • FTP file sharing with local network or host OS full working again
  • Adapted Murks!IDE v0.5.9 with install script
  • New official VmwAROS desktop wallpapers
  • Vim text editor for old vi fans
  • AROS documentation and VmwAROS manual in PDF
  • New games and applications already installed & configured
  • DHCP running as default: just install and surf the web!
VmwAROS LIVE! has all the features above, and more:
  • VmwAROS boots directly from CD
  • VmwAROS software can be installed either on SYS:Extras or Work:Extras
  • Network already running from CD under VMware and Qemu
So what you're waiting for? Just download the new version and start enjoying it. And if you like it, please consider donating, it will surely help me to continue improving this (hard) work.