Saturday, January 5, 2008

SwitchMuiMaster, our little gift to the community

Newest AROS build introduced some compatibility issues with current applications: the problem is related to the version provided by muimaster.library, formerly set to v41, and now corrected to v19. This change was necessary to prevent applications looking for MUI4 being fooled by AROS' muimaster library, however some of the applications provided by VmwAROS can't run correctly anymore. Among them, some nice tools like Marrano Telnet and MarranoFTP, but also important programs like Murks!IDE 0.5.3 and WookieChat 2.8.

Updating all system files and reverting to the old muimaster.library doesn't help as, for some reasons, new builds' Wanderer refuses to work correctly with older libs. So I developed a little tool, actually a fair simple shell script, that changes the library on demand. Although its basic abilities, it should come in handy to anyone has already installed a newer (Jan 2, 2008 or later) nightly build and can't run his apps anymore: the first time being run, SwitchMuiMaster copies your current new v19 muimaster.library into its directory, then asks you for the library version to install on your system (old v41, compatible with those apps, or v19).

Once reverted to v41, and when you're finished with your application, you have to revert back to the new v19, or AROS workbench will stop working (current versions show no volume icons on the screen, and the desktop is covered with gray). You can download SwitchMuiMaster from my personal site, and soon from the Archives too. Consider it as a little gift to the AROS community from the VmwAROS team...

> Download SwitchMuiMaster from (207 k)

Note: before extracting the archive, please create a directory for its files.