Friday, January 4, 2008

A look to the future: VmwUpdate preview

Here's a sneak preview of a new feature of incoming VmwAROS versions.

VmwUpdate is a smart tool that allows people to upgrade AROS system files without getting crazy. VmwAROS is still based on a (ageing) november nightly build, which has proven to be enough stable and compatible with all the third party applications provided in the distribution. However, newer nightlies has some nice feature you probably wouldn't miss, such as disk validation, all files view set as default on non-Amiga disks and some nice newer libraries, and the only problem with them is the difficulty to update everything without touching VmwAROS files.

Now, this is not a problem anymore. Once launched, VmwUpdate asks the user for a nightly build. You can either provide it as a ISO file directly mounted in VMware, or burned on a physical CD-R. When it's mounted, it starts copying files over the former ones, in the right places. VmwUpdate is aware of some problems that might occurr while copying certain directories of nightlies so, before proceeding, it warns the user and asks what to do.