Thursday, January 10, 2008

Net hell

Yesterday I said I had updated VmwAROS system files to Jan 08 nightly build and everything ran nice, but I spoke too fast. After resetting the machine, I got a bad surprise: AROSTCP wasn't loading anymore due to a object not found error, the one you see on the left. The odd things about it are that, for mysterious reasons, it doesn't appear immediately after you warm-reboot the machine, but only when you have closed-&-reopened VmwAROS or cold-reset it. And, once it appears the first time, it blocks VmwAROS loading forever, making it crash and reboot ad libitum.

Firstly, I suspected it was something related to my VmwUpdate script: maybe the startup-sequence in new builds expects to find something that VmwAROS hasn't, so I decided to make a clean installation of AROS launching InstallAROS from the same build. I configured the net and... tah-dah! the error is still there, behaving exactly the same way. I don't know exactly when this bug has been introduced, but I'm pretty sure AROS jan 3 nightly build hadn't. It got different issues, though, but not this AROSTCP one (or maybe I couldn't notice it). In order to fix this, I've set up a discussion on Aros-Exec forum and reported it to the Dev mailing list. So, waiting for a more reliable new nightly, I had to revert to Dec 12's one for VmwAROS, losing - for now - some nice features.