Friday, December 14, 2007

VmwAROS beta 0.5 released

A new beta version of VmwAROS is now available! This new release is a huge step beyond the initial one, and adds a lot of features and bugfixes. Gaming and development sections had been heavily improved, and a new application icon makes using easier. This new version also integrates a pre-configured beta of AmiStart, which brings system reliability to a much higher level. Here are some features of VmwAROS beta 0.5:

- A graphically coherent Murks! IDE, updated to v0.5.2.
- Pre-configured AmiStart.
- Freeware CD version of Beneath a Steel Sky running on ScummVM.
- Commodore 64, 128, Plus/4, Amiga and others emulation.
- New application icon.
- Newer ConfigIP for easy network sharing and configuration.
- Easy file transfer between AROS and host operating system.
- Theme support.
- Doom and Quake demos working.
- HivelyTracker, MUIbase, WookieChat and many other apps.

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