Sunday, December 30, 2007

Some little improvements

Yes, it's true: I'm not updating this site with the same frequency of the first days, but please forgive me, it was Xmas also for me and, believe it or not, I had also to work on my primary job. Anyway, I've found time to do some optimizations to VmwAROS.

First of all, I thought about fun. VICE version was slightly old, so I decided to update it to 0.22. I'm sorry VmwAROS doesn't support yet 64 bit AROS, so no VicePlus for now.

Then it was time to do something for all developers out there. I updated Murks!IDE to version 0.5.3, but I modified its launch script in order to make all temporary ASSIGNs permanent (this should help developers who won't use Murks). With this change, running Murks won't open the IconX window anymore and the program appears istantly. French, spanish and italian catalogs are available as well.

As VmwAROS lacked of a proper image viewer, I added PicShow to applications, however I noticed that all icons in PicShow's drawer were broken. I updated the ones I could, in order to make them work as expected, and now PicShow runs properly.

Finally, I updated WookieChat to the latest version available. I would really thank anyone in the VmwAROS forum for their help and suggestions.