Monday, December 10, 2007

Happy anniversary, C64!

My parents bought my first computer exactly 21 years ago, and it was a Commodore 16. But the real news here is that its big brother, the mighty Commodore 64, is 25 years old. In 1982 I was 9, and I thought computers were some kind of magic, but when I started learning BASIC I immediately understood that I was living at the beginning of a new era, and I was some kind of pioneer - at least among my friends (that were too busy kicking a ball on the school's field to understand technology's sex-appeal). I could appreciate all the magic of the Commodore 64 thanks to my second computer, a C128. It was an enchanting machine, something able to emuse, entertain, fascinate and, above all, to mark forever a whole generation of teen-agers. Happy anniversary, Commodore 64, and thanks for all the fish.

PS: you can emulate the C64 on VmwAROS, and also all the other 8-bit Commodore computers with VICE.