Monday, December 17, 2007

7zip and others

User KeenEars from VmwAROS forum has re-packed beta 0.5 with latest release of 7-zip, resulting in a 60 MB smaller archive. He has also been so nice to put his 141 MB archive on, another web-based big files storage and sharing service. Jan Zahurancik from AmiKit has mirrored it too. Here are the links where you can download VmwAROS from, in this compression format:

> DOWNLOAD VmwAROS beta 0.5 from (141 MB, 7-zip compression)
> DOWNLOAD VmwAROS beta 0.5 from AmiKit Mirror (141 MB, 7-zip compression)

This might help some way users without a broadband connection. Please notice your screen will be filled of advertising pop-ups. They can be easily closed, however. Your browser shouldn't have any ad-blocking software installed, or real download link won't be generated corrrectly. You may need the latest beta release of 7-zip too:

> DOWNLOAD 7-zip (for Windows and Linux)