Saturday, September 12, 2020

Porting .\icaros to Windows

One of the best commodities of Icaros 2.3 will be the fact that the 'icaros' launch script for hosted version will be able to accept parameters. Unluckily, I could not work on linux hosted and windows hosted features at the same time, but after releasing beta 3 I started working also on the latter. For now, Windows "icaros.cmd" script accepts some of the Linux parameters, but my goal is having both versions perfectly aligned (or almost). I also had to refresh a lot of MyWorkspace-related scripts on the Windows version to let Icaros boot correctly but, as you may see below, I am already getting some results. Moreover, I finally fixed one of the most annoying differences between Linux and Windows hosted: the Home: volume will now point to user's home directory on Windows too. 

My crowded and apparently meaningless Windows Desktop finally appearing on hosted Icaros too.
Now I have only to understand why DOS shell is so pedantic and apparently uncoherent... :-(