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Oct 4, 2019

Icaros 64 v0.0.0 pre-alpha is available for download

Yes, you've read it right. It's time to enter the 64-bit Amiga era by the front door, taking advantage of modern x86-64 processors like Core and Ryzen. But beware: this is pre-alpha, un-stable, un-finished, un-reliable software. It's good to see it in action, to check what's working and what's not, to get familiar with latest AROS development, but it's definitely no good yet for everyday's use (which also means that if you didn't consider 32-bit Icaros Desktop ready for this scope... well, this is even worse).

(785 MB, .zip file format)


Status of 64bit AROS and Icaros software - is this available? Discover here!

1. you can't install it natively onto a hard drive. Or, better, you can, if you manually run InstallAROS from a shell (icon has been removed to avoid temptation). Problem is that it won't boot afterwards.

2. you can install it onto a 64bit Ubuntu/like distribution. Just sh from the Linux shell. For now, we've limited memory size to 8 GB. Edit the environment variable Icaros/hostedmem to add more memory.

3. Many programs, drivers, games etc won't run. Or they will crash. Or produce weird errors. Remember: x86-64 AROS is still work-in-prog alpha software, with some parts barely mantained

4. gcc isn't working at this stage. I know you're eager to compile your software for 64bit AROS, but the only way to do this, for now, is using the AROS build system on a Linux machine.

5. We need help. We absolutely need help. We disperately need help. Please, don't send flowers, but help improving 64 bit AROS and 64 bit software ports as much you can. I talk expecially to you, my brave coders!

6. Have I told you we need your help? For the rest... Enjoy!


I (Paolo Besser) would like to thank everyone who helped me reaching this stage, which include all AROS and 3rd party developers I bugged and asked help for. They patiently explained me how to compile, how to use AROS build system's metamakes, they fixed my mmakefile.src files when I could not understand what to do, they even patiently built their programs and sent them to me for inclusion. ALB42 sent me a working executable of Leu this morning. Without your help, I wouldn't be writing these lines.


Please head to this topic on AROS-EXEC if you need to file a bug report or to ask help for this pre-alpha release:
> Icaros 64 PRE-ALPHA WIP discussion

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