Wednesday, September 25, 2019

"If something works, don't touch it"

The one in the title is a fair wise hint, when you have to deal with IT matters. You should not change anything when something "just works", but if you wrote something ugly that worked nice, why shouldn't you try to write it better? That's exactly what I thought when I reviewed the scripts I wrote to handle creation and management of MyWorkspace. With the old implementation, we had the post-install script, and hosted installation scripts, which basically copied directories and icons from the Storage/MyWorkspace drawer on the installation media. Then, they copied all the stuff from a directory called Adstuff, which is present only on the CD-ROM. In the end, there is that nice S:myworkspace-startup script which is called at every boot, creating ASSIGNs and, why not, creating also the needed directories in RAM: if we're booting the system from a read-only media. I decided that all these copy operations with overwritten files were not 'elegant' so I decided to overhaul all this for Icaros 64.

With the new implementation, we have two sources being 'mixed' during installation: 
- /adstuff: includes all MyWorkspace subdirectories and provided contents
- /Storage/MyWorkspace: includes just the .info files for subdirectories and no more empty drawers
Both post-install script and linux-hosted-installation script are now merging them properly, with the Linux hosted install script just renaming system:adstuff to system:MyWorkspace and taking icons from Storage. You souldn't see any difference, but I am quite happier now. 

BTW: since I had not a proper screenshot for MyWorkspace, I decided to put this one instead: that's StockFish executable correctly running on x86 Icaros (32 bit), after being compiled from AmigaOS4 version sources. Stockfish is a command-line based chess engine, which can be used by chess games to operate.

StockFish 5 running on Icaros Desktop 32 bit, and correctly passing tests.