Thursday, August 8, 2019

Summer works on Icaros Desktop

Works on Icaros Desktop continue. I have decided to pause 64bit developments for some days, while I'm on vacation, and to work again on the usual 32bit version of the distribution. I have, for now, added some programs released or updated in july, and backported Icaros' improved launch script. The best addition so far, IMHO, is the Leu spreadsheet program from ALB42, a very promising application which may dramatically improve AROS useability for classic home duties. Leu can read and edit documents from Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), LibreOffice Calc (.ods), and some other formats. I don't know exacly how much compatibile it is, but I've opened without issues almost all the sheets I used for work, and I could even edit and save them into a different format.

Obviously, a filetype for spreadsheets has been added to Magellan as well, in order to open them with a double click. I've also added a filetype for LUA scripts, which can now be executed from Magellan.