Friday, July 12, 2019

Some progress and some rework

I made some progress on Icaros 64. First of all, I contacted Antonio "Journeyman", author of Icaros' package selector used for installation of Extras. At the time (circa 2013) he sent me the binary but I completely forgot to ask him for sources but, luckily, he kept them safe and now thay have been safely placed on github. Luckily for me, I could compile them with no hassle, and this means that Icaros 64 will use the same installation procedure you're already accustomed to. I have also successfully compiled AmiTimeKeeper but, unfortunately, the program crashes AROS badly when launched twice. I suspect something is wrong when opening the GUI, but I simply miss the skills to investigate furtherly. Later on, I will look for help to fix it. It shouldn't be a networking issue, since network works fine and I could test it with AiRcOS (historic IRC client for AROS found in Contrib).

I have also made some substantial additions to the ./icaros script which runs hosted Icaros on Linux. I almost transformed it into a command, allowing the use of several switches and parameters to fine-tune the AROS environment, before starting it. It also allows handling of Icaros system variables, the ones normally controlled by our Prefs LUA scripts (Icaros Settings and Hosted). The new ./icaros script also handles killing of dead AROS instances, totally replacing the other ./quitaros script normally bundled with the distribution. This is for Linux only, at the moment, and I have no plans to backport it to Windows: sorry for this, it's not a priority but never say never, I'm quite difficult to foresight. I will make it available on 32bit Icaros Desktop too, tough. Funnily, this work on ./icaros wasn't even intended: I was learning how to use parameters with bash scripts, and I stumbled upon an example for the 'shift' command, which I decided to test with my script. A few hours later, I had completely overhauled ./icaros and added a lot of functions, which can be accessed without a fixed order. I will explain how to use it in the future.