Thursday, June 20, 2019

Enhancing hosted configuration /2

Works on hosted stuff goes on. As you may know, Icaros Desktop can work hosted both on Linux and Windows, but with a different set of features and settings. I finally decided to change how the "Hosted" preference program in /Prefs work, depending on the host OS where hosted Icaros is running. In particular, it will now display different options:

"Memory" and "Hosted" option are now available on both host operating systems, while the last one will change according to your one. On Windows, as usual, it will be possible either to refresh host drives at startup or not, while on Linux the new "Attempt full screen" option will... well... attempt to start Icaros Desktop in full screen mode (results will depend on your distribution, graphic drivers and window manager). I have also reworked the hbadd command, which - I discovered - couldn't handle correctly the integration of hosted programs which needed parameters: they were simply ignored. Since the issue was somehow related to the requestchoice-based menu used in the hbadd script, I just removed it and made the procedure a sequential operation where the users are always asked for parameters: if there isn't need for them, users just have to leave the field blank and press Enter. When done, hbadd will require wether to add an icon or not.