Friday, June 21, 2019

New development version of Icaros 2.2.8 for supporters

A new WORK-IN-PROGRESS version of Icaros Desktop Live! (so, the whole environment with all development and extra stuff) is now available to our supporters, which basically means patrons (on our Patreon page) pledging $15 or more every month. This version includes all enhancements applied to the distribution before june 14th, 2019 (sorry for missing the latest week, but I had some connection issues and uploading the whole package to the server took a while), so it will try to go fullscreen but Hosted prefs won't act differently when running on Linux or Windows. Please read this carefully: this is NOT a new version of Icaros Desktop. The road to v2.2.8 is still quite long.

- added new hi-res CC-licensed images in Extras/Wallpapers
- fixed "browse for images" appearing not only for LH archives
- fixed traceroute in C
- updated x86 and M68K MCC_TextEditor to latest release
- added Atari800 to Extras/Emu
- updated InstallerLG to latest build
- updated ViewLHA to version 0.7
- added run_Lodepaint script by Salvatore Abbate to Extras/OpenGL/Utilities

- updated VIM to latest release
- deleted duplicated AmiTimeKeeper from Extras/Networking
- modified icaros hosted installation scripts for Linux and Windows
- modified icaros hosted launch scripts for Linux and Windows
- modified hosted prefs to attempt fullscreen (Linux only)

- new variables defined in Envarc: for hosted fullscreen and memory prefs
- modified hosted prefs to manage reserved memory
- fixed: hosted installations won't ask about VMware driver anymore

> Get it here!