Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Beta of 2.2.7 with Vmware SVGA support on Patreon

As usual, in the middle of an update development, a restricted beta is made of Icaros Desktop is made available on Patreon, to let beta testers and supporters try it. This beta brings a recent build (not the latest one) of the anticipated VMware SVGA native driver, which basically allows using the virtual video card of VMware products like any other natively supported video card. As for now, these features are enabled:

- 2D
- screen dragging
- resolution selection with prefs/ScreenMode, up to 4K
- emulators, games and other SDL apps work

and there are still many quirks here and there

- pixel buzz when moving windows/screens
- slow screen refresh on SDL applications
- cursor sometimes disappear
- vmware player may crash

But, hey! That's a very good situation for a work-in-progress device driver! In this beta, the VMware driver has been enabled by default. This means that if you wish to run the VESA driver like in the past, VMware users should select the Advanced options for Icaros Desktop line in GRUB's menu, and then their favourite resolution. The Icaros Desktop manual explains how to make a GRUB selection permament, if you prefer. This new beta also adds the following:

- fix: replaced SANAutil from system/network/AROSTCP/C with the one in Extras/Networking/Utils
- did the same also for NTPSync and SetPrism2Defaults
- removed Extras/Networking/Utils, not needed anymore
- fixed a typo in Create Installation Pendrive script (makedit->makedir)
- updated TimeKeeper icon with 1.07+ tooltypes
- added PCX datatype
- updated ZXSCR datatype to latest version
- updated MUIRoyale Hollywood Plugin to support ESC-A image embedding
- updated vim to latest release
- added HydraCastle to extras/Games

Icaros 2.2.7 Early Beta is available to beta testers and supporters only (who are patrons pledging 15+ $/month).