Friday, January 4, 2019

Making vic graphical

Starting with Icaros 2.2.4, Icaros Desktop provides a script in S: called vic (Version of ICaros), which basically shows the installed version of the distribution. The first implementation of this script was similar to a CLI command, meaning that it wrote its output in the current shell. Due to its shell script nature, however, it could not output to a file, so you couldn't for instance, use it in another script or redirect its output to a temporary file. Leaving it that way was quite pointless: making it graphical would have been nicer. Using it with Magellan even better. And that's it:

Oh, yes. This screenshots says '2.2.6', because my work on Icaros is progressing as usual. If you'd like to make your current vic script behave like this on your installation, you just have to edit S:vic this way:

gsar -s.0 -r. -o t:C_I >NIL:
gsar -s00 -r. -o t:C_I >NIL:
gsar -s0 -r -o t:C_I >NIL:
echo NOLINE "Icaros Desktop version: " >t:C_H
join t:C_H t:C_I AS t:C_L
advice "Icaros Desktop" t:C_L >NIL:
delete t:C_H >NIL:
delete t:C_I >NIL:
delete t:C_L >NIL:

PS: you need Icaros Desktop 2.2.5 to let it work, and you still have to execute it from a shell.