Tuesday, December 4, 2018

We have an Icon Editor!

I am really excited to announce that Paul Bloedel has successfully built an AROS version of his Hollywood-based Icon Editor, which will be included in Icaros Desktop 2.2.5 under the "Utilities" drawer. This means that it will be available on both Live! and Light edition of the distribution, since I feel that a proper editor for icons should be part of the 'core utils' that an Amiganoid system should provide by default. Icon Editor is a quite advanced paint program, properly handling double-state Amiga icons with alpha channel, which allows us to create and modify .info files without requiring more programs to do that.
Icon Editor on AROS, final version
Porting this program had some nice and less nicer side effects. You should understand the bad news if you compare the "Painting Tool" window (in the screenshot above) with the same tool from the AmigaOS 4.1 version: you will notice that we have text buttons instead of graphical ones, and this is due to the fact that AROS Zune does not support the particular method that RapaGui and MUIBuilder (two popular Hollywood plugins for user interfaces) use to embed images into buttons. The discussion we had about this let me understand how MUI and Zune work in this context and (that's the nicer news...) I learnt how to embed images into LUA scripts. This was important to me, since I could finally update the "First run GUI selector program" the way I originally intended it:

Now you can choose your GUI clicking on the images directly

Yes, I know, any experienced coder would find it trivial to do. However I am a system administrator, not a developer, so please forgive my enthusiasm. However, embedding images is not only a style excercise, but it may bring other goodies to Icaros in the (hopefully near) future.

If you followed AROS and Amiga communities, you may have noticed my insisting requests for a C command that would modify AHI master volume. AROS does not have the 'mixer' commodity, nor it has a proper volume gadget on its workbench, but nothing should stop me to fill the gap once I had the proper tools. On the left, you can see my LUA based GUI: now I just need the C command to actually change volume. My dream would be turning it into a commodity but, well, that's really beyond my skills and, after all, I still have to make it work, first.