Friday, December 21, 2018

Icaros Desktop 2.2.5 available for download

Christmas would be a cool time to release Icaros Desktop 2... 25! However, who's looking here and installing an OS on Xmas? Maybe we'd better releasing Icaros a few days before! A new, amazing update to Icaros Desktop is now available for everyone. First of all, I have to thank Paul Bloedel for having ported his Icon Editor to AROS. A tool like this was still missing on our platform, but we finally have one and its quality worthed the wait. Icon Editor can import PNG files and other Amiga icon formats, allowing to create double state icons and manage them quickly. Powerful painting and drawing tools are applicable to the picture or the alpha channel, and the editor also includes nice image effects. But this is obviously not the only feature. We now have a much more compatible browser: OWB has been updated to support latest AmiSSL encryption and it seems to be also more stable with current websites. Unluckily, its executable weights 170 MB and, since it wouldn't fit into Icaros Desktop Light, we had to wait for a "stripped down" executable which has been used for the Light edition only. Icaros Desktop 2.2.5 also features some enhancements to the GUI: Magellan can now show the current IP address and calculate MD5 checksum for any file. We also got new versions for many programs like VIM, VAMP, AbkViewer, RNO Effects, Protrekkr (this should fix an annoying bug with native drivers), PlayCDDA and brand new programs like GenerateMD5, AnimWebConverter, Advice and the MiniScheme language. We have also fixed many glitches here and there. In a nutshell, be prepared for the best Icaros Desktop release so far! So what are you waiting for? Head to our DOWNLOAD page to get your copy and become patron to get new releases before anyone else!

Icaros 2.2.5 includes a collection of double-state icons tailored to HostBridge and host applications

OWB has been updated

New from Icaros Desktop 2.2.4

- updated RNOEffects to v1.3
- updated 68K Paula driver for AHI
- updated AbkViewer to v0.0.6 in Extras/Development/Tools
- added AISS to Icaros Desktop Light edition
- updated AROS system files to November 26th, 2018
- added Icon Editor to Utilities
+ added needed images from AISS to System/Images/TBImages
- modified GUI selector and added a icon for its drawer
- fix: restored Icaros' Download Fonts script for OWB
- added 15 public-domain (CC0) FHD images to Extras/Wallpapers
- updated MCC_BetterString to v11.33 on i386 and m68k
- updated MCC_TextEditor to v15.51 on i386 and m68k
- added double-state version of Dark Glass iconset
- added double-state version of Logos&Brand iconset
- updated Protrekkr to v 2.5.4 (fixes problems with native drivers)
- added GenerateMD5 to C
+ added options to generate and copy MD5 to Magellan
- Magellan can now show current IP Address
- updated PlayCDDA in Multimedia
- updated VAMP in Multimedia
- added AnimWebConverter to MediaEditors
- updated VIM to latest release
- updated MCC_NList on m68K
- updated MCC_TheBar on m68k
- fixed a bug in ZuneARC preventing lha archives extraction
- added quitaros command for Linux and Windows hosted Icaros
- updated OBW to use latest SSL encryption, it's also more stable
- built Advice for i386 and added to C
- added 68k Advice to AROS M68K
- added minischeme to Extras/Development/Languages
- AmiBridge's ADD SHORTCUT script does not open unwanted windows anymore
- updated Icaros Desktop manual to reflect latest changes

Magellan can now show current IP address and calculate MD5 chacksum for selected file

Icaros Desktop 2.2.5 includes a new collection of fantasy wallpapers, released under the CC0 license