Thursday, August 23, 2018

Step-by-step guide to installing Icaros on Fusion

Many people asked me how to set up Icaros Desktop on Mac computers. Unluckily, I don't own any of these machines (little lie: to be honest, I have a very old G3 500 iBook at home, but it's not really suitable anymore for Icaros purposes...), but there is always the virtualization option that will surely work. If you own a Intel-based Macintosh, you can download VMware Fusion and install Icaros Desktop on a virtual machine. Our friend Ikir at explains how to do that, in Italian. I am translating it into English.

1. Download Icaros Desktop and create a new Fusion virtual machine using the + key.

2. Drag and drop Icaros' ISO image or choose it. When Fusion will ask what operating system is, answer Other and select BIOS Legacy.

3. Choose "Customize Settings" (the actual name of this button might be different, sorry: I have only seen this in italian screenshots) and save the virtual machine:

4. Before starting the VM, edit settings and modify RAM and CPU, using a single core and at least 2 GB of RAM (1 GB would be enough anyway...). Add an IDE hard disk and set its size (please make it 8 GB or bigger). Leave for now the CD Drive, which will be mandatory for the installation task.

5. Start the virtual machine, run Icaros Desktop Live! and install it onto the IDE hard drive.

6. Once the installation has completed, turn off the virtual machine. Turn back to settings from the main menu bar (Virtual Machines, Settings. Or Cmd-E) and remove the ISO image from the CD drive.

To release mouse pointer from the virtual machine, press ctrl+cmd.