Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Icaros 2.2.2 now available for download

Icaros Desktop 2.2.2 has been releasead! It took a long time, but a new milestone has been reached. This version includes a preliminary version of Janus-UAE2, Oliver's port of WinUAE to AROS, compiled for ABIv0. There are many features still missing, including support to some ROMs and all the coherency stuff, but fans of emulation should be really curious about this new Amiga emulator, which is being brought to AROS. In the (far, but hopefully not so far) future, Janus-UAE2 will replace Janus-UAE in AmiBridge, so please test it and report to Oliver bugs and suggestions. Janus-UAE2 is currently available in the Live! edition only, and it is placed in Extras:Emu drawer.

Look in the centre and say welcome to Janus-UAE2 user interface!
That's not, obviously, the only news here. As anticipated, we've polished Icaros' user interface and added some useful new actions to Magellan buttons, using the middle mouse button. In particular, it is now possible to calculate and show size for directories and to add files to TAR archives, other than LHA and ZIP as usual. Thanks to Yannick Erb, both ZunePaint and ZuneView can now save images to ILBM formats, which were very popular in the age of classic Amiga. This will hopefully make adding new buttons to Magellan easier! ;-)

New from Icaros Desktop 2.2.1

- updated ZuneView and ZunePaint to latest releases
  + now they can save images to various ILBM formats
- updated AmiCloud client
- added DigiClock to system utilities
  + a clock is now integrated on menu bar's top right corner
- added Janus-UAE2 (WinUAE port) to Emulators
- added RemoteAROSShell
  + you can access to Icaros via Telnet from another host
- added FolderSync2
- added Appbuilder to demo programs
- added Gilbert to Games
- added GLColumns to OpenGL Games
- added MUI examples to Development
- added metaDiary to Applications
- added RTF-Riddle to Applications
- added BackupCopy to Filesystems
- updated Hollywood plugins to latest version
- updated AROS libraries
- updated AROS system files
- added mod2wav to CLI commands
- added PDF to PNG option in Magellan GUI
- added MOD to wave option in Magellan GUI
- updated redit (68K) to version 2
- added GPmark to Benchmarks
- added b4sdl and HGui to develoment languages/tools
- added clipo to management tools
- added LuxCC to development tools
- added VMT to misc
- added VAMP to Multimedia players
- added AmiTimeKeeper to Networking
- updated cloud handlers for Gdrive and Dropbox
- AmiBridge can now be optional to save space on system partition
- fixed a bug in hosted installation script
- fixed a bug in HostBridge


Icaros Desktop 2.2.2 has now been publicly released, files can be retireved from our download page. Please consider patronising Icaros Destkop: costs are raising and your donations are getting more and more important to keep this dream alive.

> Download Icaros Desktop 2.2.2 from Patreon