Friday, December 1, 2017

A book for Magellan

Books about Amiga software are quite rare, so when I saw this news on Amigaworld I could not stop myself to quote it here. I have not read this book so I can not evaluate it, nor I can sincerely tell you if it will meet your expectations, however, if you simply don't like reading the PDF manuals included in the distribution, or you wish to have something printed at your hands, this might fit your needs. Adam Zalepa's Directory Opus 5 User's Manual "discusses one of the best file managers for Amiga. Provides a detailed description of the operation and configuration of Directory Opus 5, along with versions of Magellan, Magellan II, and latest version 5.9. The author also writes about using the capabilities of the program in the Amiga operating system, the AmigaDOS environment and using the ARexx scripting language". It costs eur 19, plus shipping costs.

> Find Directory Opus 5 User's Manual