Monday, April 24, 2017

It's working!!!

Today a new piece of Icaros 2.2 has started shaping up. HostBridge (temporary name, I don't really like how it sounds) will allow running host applications from hosted Icaros and, best of all, it will allow handling of files. Just look at the following screenshot. I opened the AROS shell and entered this command:

gedit sys:S/Icaros-sequence

and, immediately after that, Linux program gedit popped up on the screen opening the requested file.

As like as AmiBridge does with 68K programs, this new set of scripts and programs will "incorporate" host apps to let the user run them from a shell, from AmiStart, from Magellan and Wanderer, even passing parameters and a file name to open it. Best of all, HostBridge will understand AROS paths and will convert them in either Linux or Windows paths:

I am quite optimist. Even though I never expected this to be ready for Icaros 2.2, I'm now quite confident that at least a really basic implementation of this technology might be included in the incoming release of Icaros Desktop. Stay tuned!