Monday, February 13, 2017

New hosted pref

Hosted users of Icaros Desktop will find in version 2.2 a new, small Preferences program called, simply, Hosted. It will allow to enable or disable "à la Icaros way" two features only available when using Icaros hosted on Windows or Linux, the "Icaros daemon" and the automatic rescan of host drives at startup. Icaros daemon is a very quick hack which allows starting host OS' applications from the AROS environment (think about AEROS' lx command, or Amikit's "rabbit hole" feature, but with a much poorer implementation...), enabling people to use Icaros as a launcher. The feature will be probably posticipated to a later release of Icaros Desktop becaure, although being already working, needs some more love before it can be considered useful. Windows drives renew, on the other hand, is a feature which makes sense on Windows hosted environment only, since Linux is far easier to manage: once you have mounted the / root filesystem and /home directory, you practically don't need anything else. Windows, however, is a completely different story. You may have half a dozen or more drives with a different lecter assigned to them, and we have to mount them all inside Icaros to make AROS see them. Before hosted kernel 'boots', Icaros' launch script looks for available volumes and lists them in a drawer, then, during execution of S:icaros-startup, it mounts founded ones with 'WdX:' volume names, so you will find on you hosted desktop some nice icons called WdC, WdD, WdF and so on. When testing this, however, I've been asked to make this 'automatic renew' feature user-configurable, and so I did.