Thursday, February 23, 2017

Details make the difference

There's a little thing which made me angry every time I tested a new build of Icaros Desktop: for obvious reasons, the default layout setting for keyboard is US (which is the most common one, and makes sense, since the default language for the system is English). I generally open shells and enter some commands and, every time, I make mistakes with paths due to different position of characters like /, : and so on in the italian layout. So I thought to add also Input prefs program to the desktop, when booting from DVD:

just choose a keyboard layout before installation...

That was good: I could finally set the keyboard with ease when quick testing ISOs. But once I put that, I immediately needed to make another step. Why not using the selected layout by default, when installing Icaros? Detto, fatto!, as we say in Italy: Icaros Desktop will also keep your favourite keyboard layout after installation. After all, why should you choose a national keyboard layout just before installation, and then revert to the US/international one?
...and Icaros will keep it afterwards!