Friday, December 30, 2016

Thank you and have a really nice 2017!

Hello, this will probably be the last post on this site for this year. So, first of all, I would like to thank everyone who followed us up to the end of 2016 and wish a happy happy happy 2017 to whoever is reading. Then, I need to apologize. Before building the X-mas preview of Icaros 2.2 I missed a little mistake in S:Icaros-Sequence, which makes a missing Libs error appear during startup, in these conditions: 1) you have installed Icaros Desktop Live! AND 2) you have kept the "Filesystem" utilities package selected (full, default installation). You can easily fix the issue by yourself, modifying an ASSIGN command in the file, this one:

If EXISTS extras:Filesystem
  ASSIGN Libs: sys:Utilities/FryingPan/Libs ADD
  PATH extras:FileSystem/PoorARC ADD

just modify the bold line to:

  ASSIGN Libs: extras:Filesystem/FryingPan/Libs ADD

and save. Things that happen when you decide to move a program from a location and put it to another one, but that a wise mantainer should have noticed before the release. Since the X-Mas Preview is, well, just a preview, I won't update the packages with the fix already applied. 

The good news, in any case, is that I finally managed to find some time to address another issue of the preview: the lack of a proper decoration theme. You may have noticed that X-Mas edition came with AROS' default "Ice" theme, while the last Icaros releases always had some original theme. Well, today I fired up Photoshop and started creating something new. I decided to listen to people saying that windows title bars were too thick and occupied a large amount of pixels on small screens, so I went back to Icaros 1.4.x gadget sizes and painted a new one, inspired by today's tastes. It's still a work in progress, but it's coming fairly well:

A modern flat-style theme for Icaros!
Problem is that the default wallpaper included with Icaros preview must now change as well, since it does not really fit very well with the colors of windows. I will also check for Zune settings, but only if I have the needed time.