Friday, April 17, 2015

Your Icaros HTTP server

Icaros Desktop has 'hidden' a little treasure for years, called Snug. Made by the same author of Yafs, the beloved FTP server which allows us sharing files from the AROS machine to the local network, Snug is a lovely HTTP server which does exactly what is meant for: publishing (simple) web pages and allow browsing into directories thorugh a web browser (like Internet Explorer, Chrome or Firefox running on another device connected to the local area network). For many reasons, first of all security and lack of robust modern features from the OS side, I always prefered to expose the FTP server only, leaving the HTTP soul of the MSS package to users' good will. However, a recent discussion on AROS-EXEC made me change my mind. After all, a little and easy-to-setup web server can always be useful, for instance to share files and make them easily available to other computers and mobile devices connected to the same network. So, a new "Networking" service is emerging in upcoming version 2.0.4 of Icaros Desktop. As you can see on the top-left screenshot, Icaros Settings has been already modified to allow enabling of "Snug HTTP Server". By defalt, it will just expose to the local network files included in MyWorkspace. Obviously, the server can be configured to show a webpage instead.

Grabbing files from your Icaros Desktop computer will be easier than ever, when using Snug HTTP server!