Thursday, August 21, 2014

Introducing Icaros Desktop 2.0

After 15 months of hard work, it's now time to announce the next "major release" of your beloved distribution. That's right! Icaros Desktop 2.0 is next to come on a PC near you, and it will change forever the way you look at AROS. Based on the brand new "ABI v0 on Trunk" backport effort from Krzysztof Smiechovicz and other brave AROS developers, Icaros Desktop 2.0 brings to mainstream the new AROS' TLSF memory manager by Michal Schulz, a completely renewed SDK, a superb support for M68K applications and a greatly improved user experience with DirectoryOpus 5 Magellan, which has been configured to offer a full power file managing GUI. Now you can voice-read text files, convert file formats, create thumbnails for images, copy and move files, pack and unpack compressed archives with the ease of a single mouse clic. In the next days we will progressively unveil all features of Icaros Desktop 2.0, but if you wish to read a full preview, please buy issue 110 of Amiga Future (available both in German and English). Icaros Desktop 2.0 release date is set for fall 2014: don't miss it!