Saturday, December 28, 2013

Another step forward

First of all, I am sorry for lack of informations here in the last weeks, but I simply had no time to work on the site and - unluckily - on the whole distribution. From time to time, however, I could add new files and replace old ones, change the way some things work and so on. The latest 'issue' has been a recent change in the way AROS boots on ABIv1, which Deadwood backported on his branch of ABIv0: in practice, kernel becomes fully modular and is placed elsewhere, making the old /boot directory obsolete. Moreover, introduction of EFI bootloader needs some attention. This little change required some little changes to the way I build Icaros Desktop ISO files, but Deadwood, as usual, has been very kind and fundamental to drive me to the right direction. While experimenting, a old issue with a Dopus5 directory, whose name begins with a underscore character (_copy) came again from the world of the dead, driving me mad for some hours. Then, luckily, I spotted and fixed it again. The result is that Icaros Desktop now boots successfully from the new kernel and, once installed, allows using Magellan as a workbench replacement. There are still few issues to fix, but we are on the right road.