Friday, October 11, 2013

Pokeing around with Magellan 1

When I first talked about Magellan on Facebook, our old friend Steve Jones immediately asked if it would be able to show image thumbnails in drawer windows, but unfortunately the answer was no. So I decided to have a look at this as a funny way to start experimenting/understanding how buttons and menus work in Dopus5. And I used Yannick's dt2thumb as a command to create a workaround. Here's what I managed to achieve so far. Have a look at the follwing screenshot. There is Icaros "Pictures" drawer after deleting all .info files, so we had the image files only...

Now, let's change view to "Icon Action" without selecting "show all files" option. As expected, the window appears now empty. But have a look at that little icon I circled in red...

Just click once on it, ad you'll get this:

isn't it nice? And you can do that on any window. Images just need to be readable with datatypes to let dt2thumb work.