Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Severe bug found in AROS, patching in progress

A nasty bug from AROS has been discovered and fixed by Neil Cafferkey a few hours ago. Here's what he says on "There was a serious bug in fat.handler in nightly builds between 2012-07-22 and 2013-01-28. It could cause data corruption on FAT16 partitions and FAT12 floppies. The buggy version of fat.handler is 41.54, and was included in Icaros Desktop 1.5, but not in any 1.4 series release". FAT32 filesystem is not affected by the issue, so FAT32 formatted pendrives and drives - which currently are the majority - are safe, but this corruption issue may be dangerous for users data integrity and fast action is required. Downloads for Icaros Desktop 1.5 and 1.5.1 have been temporarily suspended: they will be replaced by patched versions of Icaros 1.5.1 as soon as possible. People who already installed them do not have to worry, they can upgrade their current versions (being them 1.5, 1.5 LKE or 1.5.1) with this patch:

> Download Icaros Desktop 1.5/1.5.1 Patch 01 (50 KB)

And  install it using LiveUpdater (save it somewhere on your drive, start Tools/LUPD/LiveUpdater, select "File" and choose the patch file). It includes a new fat.handler and a new List command. People who like to do everything by hand, can simply replace the current fat.handler in Devs/ and the current List command in C/ with the ones provided by this patch.

A patched version of the Icaros 1.5.1 Update Pack, used to patch any 1.5 release of Icaros Desktop, is already availble. It's called "", with the _1 postfix before the extension dot. The patch also fixes a wrong behavior of the List command, improving compatibility with the analogue AmigaOS™ one.


Current archive for Icaros Desktop 1.5 LKE won't be replaced. People who still need to download this version will be warned to download patch 01 as well.