Monday, January 7, 2013

Looking for a good computer case?

Are you looking for a exclusive, vintage-looking case for your Icaros Computer? So maybe you'd be interested in Loriano Pagni's X500 Plus, a hand-made, customizable metallic case, compatible with mini-itx and flex-atx motherboards. Loriano has been working on this product for years, and the production will start only when a minimum of 50 orders will be met. Here are some short quotes of his presentation: «Presenting the X500 PLUS, a tribute to the computers of the '80s and 90s and the legendary A500. Supports powerful x86 boards (mini-itx and flex-atx boards). Build and customise your own retro but powerful and modern wedge shaped machine running AROS, Windows, Linux, WinUAE, build your Natami machine. Supports the SAM boards by ACube running OS4. SAM 440, 440 flex and 460. Full size, easy to find, standard keyboard. It’s quite a good one, chiclet keyboard and it comes in white or black».
And here's a video showing the white model:
More informations, in English, here.
Italians reader can read here.