Monday, November 26, 2012

Things are getting better

"It's been a very busy week, and I could draw the little revert icon for my theme just today. This time I went for a completely different road: I've modeled the arrow in 3D, I chose colors, lighting and so on. Then I rendered it into a 24 pixel wide window. That's the result". Words of Drea, a italian guy I hadn't yet the time to introduce to you and to talk about. He's the artist who's drawing the new decoration theme we'll be using for Icaros 1.5. Like many other components of the distro, his theme is still a work in progress and he's trying to make it better and better. I would like to use this post to thank again everyone involved in these little great dreams called AROS and Icaros Desktop: I am always amazed and positively astonished for the enthusiasm surrounding them. Thank you guys, without you Icaros Desktop would be nothing.