Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Some site cleaning...

Just a little remark, since I have updated the Useful Links section of this site. Sadly, I had to remove Paul J. Beel's The AROS Show from the list. After many months without any update and not so much hope to see it one the road again, I thought it was quite pointless to keep its link. It's a pity, since we could find there many interesting interviews to AROS coders of the present and the past, and it's still a good source for people interested in AROS evolution during the years 2005-2009. For one site that goes, however, there are many that get in. We added a links to O1i's Planet AROS, a collector for AROS and Amiga related blog news, for the pretty useful AROS Compatibility List, which should answer the "will Icaros Desktop run on my computer?" question, at least for the tested models. But it's time to welcome also Olaf's AROS Vision M68K site and the great AROS Playground site, the place for AROS gamers and "lustful kittens" ;-).