Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back to normal operations

I'm happy to inform all interested people that downloads for update 1.4.3 have been restarted, after a short suspension. Some times problems reveal themselves only after internal testing has been done, and this is one of these. It's proven that new NTFS handler can create issues with some configurations, starting with the first reboot, with Icaros requiring the insertion of a mysterious "ENV Disk". After pressing Cancel a dozen times, Wanderer appear without decoration. Users of GMA drivers may also meet problems with screen which can easily be worked around using a VESA mode. Newer release of Icaros update to v1.4.3 does not include the faulty NTFS.handler anymore. This means, however, that you won't be able yet to access NTFS volumes from AROS, at least for now.

TO FIX THE ISSUE ("Please insert ENV disk" at startup)
If you've already installed update 1.4.3 and you notice problems, please boot AROS in a working VESA mode (or boot with a former release CD/DVD) and delete the file NTFS.handler located in SYS:Devs (the Devs drawer - select Window -> Show -> All files if you can't see it, or use DOpus). Reboot the system and it will behave normally. No further operations are needed.