Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Icaros Desktop 1.3.3 available for download

A new, important update for Icaros Desktop is ready. This release introduces preliminary hardware 3D acceleration on Intel GPUs already covered by the Intel GMA driver. Preliminary means that there is still much work to do on this new Gallium implementation, but you can already play Quake III Arena and most AROS games on your netbook at decent speeds, which is a great news for Aspire One-and-alike owners. The new driver has also some 2D acceleration functions enabled, so you will notice improvements also on emulators and applications: for instance, MAME and LodePaint performances are now noticeably better. Icaros Desktop 1.3.3 also includes all the bug fixes already covered by the "AROS Paper Cuts" initiative, making overall user experience fairly better than before: Wanderer now behaves correctly when selecting and dragging multiple files, immediately changes the desktop wallpaper using its preferences, and many CLI commands that gave different results than the ones in AmigaOS 3.x now act correctly, helping people who make scripts for both operating systems. There are also many little-big improvements: try, for instance, dragging a file on a file-requester window: it will be automatically selected as the file to open. InstallAROS can now copy the AROS file from a twice-partitioned USB pendrive and much, much more. If you liked Icaros Desktop 1.3.2, you'll love this new release!

New from Icaros Desktop 1.3.2

- added support for 3D hardware acceleration to Intel GMA driver
- added three new games: Net Bubble, Beret and Dragon Memory
- removed some older/half-working games
- added flite speech synthesis engine
- added ccd2cue disc format converter
- updated diskimage.device to latest version
- updated PortablE to latest version
- updated DosBox to latest version
- updated FlexCat to latest version
- fix: no more dead shell window when AmiBridge runs unconfigured at startup
- fix: Wanderer drag'n'drop now behaves correctly with multiple file selections
- fix: Wanderer now updates screen when a new wallpaper is chosen
- fix: Wanderer now remembers toolbar settings
- fix: many CLI commands now behave as expected
- fix: file requesters now behave as expected and support drag'n'drop
- fix: palette gadget now uses all available space provided
- fix: keyboard lasso now behaves correctly
- fix: not-working system power-off option has been removed
- fix: clipboard correctly detects very small clips
- fix: menu bar is now correctly decorated
- fix: decoration now works better and faster
- fix: changing pointer doesn't show garbage in VESA modes anymore
- fix: AROS is now installable from twice-partitioned USB pendrives
- fix: CDVDFS doesn't crash anymore when dealing with longer file names
- fix: Scout now handles memory correctly
- updated system files to Dec 12 nightly build
- added new DataTypes
- added Convierteme image resizer/converter
- added PXdrum digital drum with samples