Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shooters released, patch ready!

Our great friend Deadwood has released two amazing ports for AROS: Cube and AssaultCube. They both need 3D acceleration, so you won't run them smoothly without a graphic card supported by Gallium (this means a GeForce Fx, 6, 7, 8, 9 or GT200 series), and you will need a updated mesa.library to run them. The good news is that a proper patch is ready for Icaros Desktop 1.3, so you will just need to run its installer, and download Deadwood games to play them.

> Download Icaros Desktop 1.3 patch 01

This patch won't let you play games only. It addressess also some other annoying bugs found after 1.3 release: OWB and general speed issues, and problems updating the kernel with LiveUpdater. Since it updates LUPD, you won't use it to install this patch. You will need to extract the files into a path, enter the UPDATE drawer, and launch the INSTALL script double-clicking on its icon. It will do the rest for you. Patch 01 also introduces two new emulators (zsnes and kegs), and updates some programs (AviBuild, nasm and fuse) to their latest versions. In the end, you'll get a new kernel, mesa, arosc and some other libraries updated, the new wave datatype and all drivers updated to latest builds. But now, please enjoy these videos from Bobo.