Sunday, May 15, 2011

Incoming AmiBrige video

After many months, I decided it's time to place my hands again on AmiBridge scripts: in the old days of VmwAROS 1.1 or so, AmiBridge helped people "integrating" AmigaOS 68K applications inside AROS, with little effort but with the best degree of compatibility. There were many drawbacks, though: you had to run a whole instance of UAE for every application, 68K apps could share clipboard and filesystem access with AROS ones or each others but couldn't interact in any way, and the worst thing was memory consumption, since every application needed half AmigaOS running, plus the emulator. In the meanwhile, O1i's Janus-UAE made huge steps towards proper integration, allowing smart people to run AmigaOS applications inside AROS windows, making rootless workbench a reality. That made old AmiBridge scripts practically pointless. That's why I decided 1) to posticipate next Icaros release and 2) to rewrite many parts of AmiBridge, adapting it to the new reality. I would like to spend hundreds of words about this, but I think a video might be better. Play and enjoy. We will talk about what follows in the next weeks (and, uh, yes... notice the version number...)