Tuesday, August 3, 2010

3D Gaming on Icaros Desktop - new video!

I've always believed in AROS and I have great hopes for it. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have ever considered the idea to start a voyage like this Icaros Desktop one, but there are days and events which make me deeply wonder about the results AROS has got in time. And I get astonished every time. Please have a look at this video: it shows some steps from two well known 3D-accelerated games, Deadwood's port of the classic Quake III Arena and Yannick Erb's port of the amazing indie masterpiece Aquaria to AROS, which prove Gallium3D and Nuveau drivers to be mature for serious gaming and being two wonderful additions to AROS itself. Yes, Q3A is just 10 years old now, but it represents a milestone anyway. Millions of people have fought each others inside its virtual arenas, and I personally used this game for years, in order to test and benchmark whole generations of video cards. It's a game any serious operating system should have. Aquaria, on the other end, is one of the most acclaimed indie games of last year, thanks to its gameplay, its astounding soundtrack and dreamish environment. AmigaOS and MorphOS altready had them, only AROS didn't, but also these gaps has now been filled. Please look at the 720p version on YouTube, it's dramatically better.

...and don't forget to visit Josh Woodward's website. Josh is the author if the funny song I used as soundtrack for this video.