Friday, May 28, 2010

Icaros Desktop 1.2.2 update ready for dowload

It has been a really troubled release, but time for Icaros Desktop 1.2.2 has come! This update is quite different from the others: it can be used stand-alone, like AROS nightly builds or Icaros "point releases", or used with LUPD to upgrade a older installation. You can also decide to install it using InstallAROS over a previous version without formatting the AROS partitions, to get the new GRUB menu voice that enables the Nuveau 2D driver for GeForce cards (beware: it is still work in progress!!!). The stand alone option is here for a really good reason: it can be installed on USB pendrives too and, once installed on a stick the right way (expect a tutorial soon), you will be able to start Icaros from that USB pendrive and use it to boot a PC straight to your favourite alternative environment. There are also good news for vintage gamers: Janus-UAE has been updated to version 0.7, which now supports both audio and USB joypads. This means that, once you've provided the right ROMs to the emulator, you can play your favourite Amiga games as you wish. And you can do that even using your original 880k disks, if you have a Catweasel MKIV board in a PCI slot: Icaros Dekstop now supports this controller too. We've also included some new native games and applications as well, like Super Methane Bros, OpenTyrian, Jabberwocky, VNC and Remote Desktop clients. You will need a DVD to burn this release on a optical disk, because it's bigger than space provided by common CD-R (800 MB, while CDs usually provide only 700). Anyway, here's a uncomplete list of what's...

New from Icaros Desktop 1.2.1

- added work in progress Nuveau 2D driver for GeForce video cards.
- faster and more reliable fat.handler (it now recognize and handle many more USB pendrives!)
- system files updated to may 21st, 2010
- new IControl preference panel
- better Janus-UAE integration for people not using AmiBridge
- better ADF support for people using AmiBridge (sound and joypads now supported)
- Catweasel MKIV PCI controller support
- added support for installation to USB pendrives
- added detail list view to Wanderer
- added icon leave-out option to Wanderer
- improved OHCI USB controllers support
- improved hardware compatibility - Icaros now boots on many more configurations
- updated ArosPDF to the latest release
- updated MPlayer to the latest release
- updated DirectoryOpus to may 21st nightly build
- added some games like OpenTyrian and Super Methane Bros
- added Jabberwocky chat client
- added Remote Desktop client (control your Windows PC from Icaros!)
- added vnc client (control almost any OS-powered computer from Icaros!)
- updated development files
- updated Scout (program to handle tasks, processes and so on)
- ...and many more!

Icaros Desktop 1.2.2 is free and you can download and use it with no additional costs. Anyway, if you like it please donate: best donors (30 euros or more) will receive a ready-made Icaros Desktop USB stick (2 GB size, with a 512 MB FAT partition already made for data exchange with other OSes). This is a very "limited offer", only 8 samples are still available. Boot from USB pendrives works only on motherboards and laptops already supporting boot from USB devices in BIOS.